Alabama Facts For Kids

The State of Alabama is in the Southeast U.S. region and has a total area of approximately 1,240 square miles (3,230 km. It is the 3rd largest state in the U.S. and has a total population of about 4,038. Its largest city is Birmingham which is located just south of Huntsville and north of Mobile. Alabama is the original home of many native tribes. It was a Spanish territory beginning in the sixteenth century, but then it was claimed by the British from 1702-1712 and then the French from 1732.

For centuries, the British were the dominant nation in North America. The Americans gained independence from them in 1776. On December 18, 1819, Alabama was formally incorporated into the U.S. The antebellum period in Alabama was a time of great oppression. It was also a time when the state became a major producer of cotton and used many black slaves to produce it.

Map of Alabama

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Important Facts about Alabama

How did Alabama get its name: The state of Alabama was named after the Alabama River, the state got its name from the tribe that lived in the territory.

What are Some Alabama Attractions: Alabama is home to many attractions including Attractions in Birmingham, Selma, Montgomery, Sparta, Mobile, and the Gulf Coast.

History of Alabama

Alabama is a southern state that has a rich history and plenty of geographical beauty. Alabama was inhabited by Native Americans for thousands of years, and the first European settlers arrived in the late 18th century and slowly built up a colony. During the American Civil War, Alabama had seceded from the Union so was battling for its independence from the United States. However, it did not escape unscathed during this time as there were many battles taking place within its borders.

Population of Alabama

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Alabama has the nation’s 4th highest population and ranks 24th in total area. Alabama is ranked 20th in population density and 25th in household income, which is only $41,994. The population of Alabama peaked at 3,799,360 during the year 2000.

What is Alabama Known for?

Alabama is known for its unique culture and rich history. It has a variety of natural treasures, ranging from the Gulf Coast to the Appalachian Mountains. Alabama also has a dynamic economy with a number of major industries including automotive manufacturing, aviation, aerospace, and medical research. In order to experience all that the state has to offer, a traveller to Alabama should plan ahead and choose the vacation of a lifetime. While the state has a variety of attractions and destinations, Alabama is not one of the biggest states in the country.

Famous People

Alabama is a southern state with a rich and varied history. From the American Civil War to the Gulf Coast, Alabama has seen its fair share of conflict and beauty. It is also known as one of the first states to issue a highway system. Alabama is home to many famous people including first lady Martha Washington, author Harper Lee, and Governor George Wallace who was inaugurated on the steps of the Capitol in Montgomery on January 14th, 1963.

Fun Facts About Alabama

  • Alabama is the 29th-largest state in the United States
  • It has a a population of about 4.8 million people.
  • Alabama borders Tennessee to the north, Georgia to the east, Florida to the south, and Mississippi to the west.
  • Alabama features an abundance of natural beauty, both in terms of its vast forests and wetlands and its coastal regions.
  • The state is also famous for its rich history, including major events like when Montgomery was briefly captured by Union forces during the Civil War.

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