Biosphere Facts for Kids

Earth is the only planet in our solar system that supports life and that is because of Earth’s biosphere. The biosphere is a thin layer of gases, water, and soil that surrounds the planet. Plants, animals, and microbes form the majority of the biomass on Earth and they all contribute to maintaining a stable environment. In order for humanity to survive on Earth for another 1 million years, we will need to protect this thin film that keeps us alive.

The biosphere of the Earth: The biosphere is an ecosystem that consists of the non-living components of the Earth. The plant and animal species in the biosphere are the only contributors to the total amount of biomass on Earth.

What is the Importance of Biosphere?

The biosphere is the living organisms in the crust of the Earth. The organisms found in the biosphere are responsible for maintaining life on this planet. The biosphere’s importance is universal in its significance. The biosphere is crucial to the survival of Earth because it provides the resources and energy for life on Earth. The biosphere largely determines the climate of the Earth and there are many factors that make it a vital part of Earth’s life.

Origin of the term Biosphere

The biosphere is a term that defines the zone of life on earth and includes all living organisms and their interactions with the Earth’s surface, atmosphere, and geosphere. The term biosphere was first introduced by geologist Eduard Suess as an idea for a “world ocean” in 1875.

Last Updated on December 28, 2021

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