5 Most Haunted Places in India to Visit in 2020

Travelling is not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. During traveling, you meet a lot of different people, confident, helpful, spiritual, insidious, but just people? Many go in groups, but some are solo the former ones always have company, but the latter ones? You are not ALONE.

They say every place has a history or a story, that famous fort you visited as a part of your trip and that famous forest for wildlife photography or that tomb just for a morning walk.

5 Most Haunted Places in India

There are end numbers of haunted places in India, but only some stories we know. If you’re anxious about ghosts and spirits then you have to know about these places.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Rajasthan – ‘The Great Indian Desert’ It’s a land of kings, colorful festivals, camel treks, and whatnot. If you’re a net rat and spend days researching before going on a trip then you must have read about this place in Rajasthan. The fort is located in the Alwar district near the border of Sariska Tiger Reserve. The ambiance is nerve-racking, ruins of the king’s palace, the natural stream falls, and dense trees surrounding the pond area. The timings for this place are 6 AM – 6 PM strictly because it happens to be the most haunted place in India.

The fact that it is declared the most haunted place is the reason being the famous one. Travelers visit here to witness the unreal reality, which leaves some of them shaken, surprised, horrified or simply silent. Let’s jump to the story behind this mysterious place and unravel the mystery. The story is as dramatic as Indian movies, the King, his daughter, even a Tantrik with all the black magic who fell in love with princess Ratnavati, cursed her and the whole village as he couldn’t face rejection. As per authorities, nobody is allowed inside the fort after 6 PM in summer, 5 PM in winters. Whoever tries to stay during the dark doesn’t return back. Many have reported they encountered strange sounds, a woman screaming, shouting, and music with echo. As per locals, people who try to stay there at nights, they never return.

Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

Ramoji film city is so huge that it is spread across 1666 acres, large enough for you to roam and get lost in its beauty. A renowned tourist spot for people, who love drama and something extra edge like Indian movies, this is the second-largest integrated film city.

As locals believe, there are supernatural powers in the area which make their presence feel through suspicious activities like constant knocking on bathroom doors, things scattered all over the floor, or Urdu words scribbled on a mirror.

Locals believe these instances are not just mere incidents as this huge land was a land of war. Nizams were the owner of Ramoji, which is why it is believed that the same spirits haunt the place. The interesting face rather intriguing is that spirits target women more than men; whether they hear weird sounds in the toilet, feel someone is watching them, or find their clothes torn. Nonetheless, Ramoji film city is one of the must-go places in Hyderabad or we should say ‘worth the risk’.

Delhi Cantonment

Delhi has numerous haunted places, be it haunted houses, haunted forests, or even roads. One of the most haunted places in the Delhi Cantonment area which is located in southwest Delhi, the area belongs to Army headquarters which makes it so silent and hushed at nights.

Picturizing a ghost is effortless, white clothes, long dreadlocks, twisted legs, and long nails. But here, picturizing is of no use because you get to see this very often, as people share in their stories.

Every story has this common scenario, a lady in white saree running along with a vehicle asking for a lift. When the driver refuses or ignores the lady, her inner lady activates and crave for attention in order do so she runs beside the vehicle at the same speed while creepily knock at your window, so you don’t ignore her, can you?

Why this chick got no chill, you ask? Well, some say that this is the act of vengeance and revenge as the same lady on her last day of life asked for a lift, got raped and left on Delhi Cantonment road. After that day her spirit is stuck here in a loop where she asks for a lift, late in the night.

Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan

The Ghost village of Rajasthan falls under the list of the most haunted places in India; it is an abandoned deserted village as the villagers left this place cursed along with 84 other villages. 200 years ago, there were Paliwals Brahmin in Kuldhara and there was Sulam Singh, who was the diwan of the particular region who levied huge taxes on the villagers and fell in love with one of the girls. That’s where it started, the diwan wanted to win the girl but villagers opposed which made him angry, he threatened villagers and couldn’t let them live in peace, that’s when they left the village and cursed that no one will live here in peace.
As no one lives in the abandoned village, but the stories go around paranormal activities ‘chudails’ walking around the area which is the believed reason for mysterious deaths in Kuldhara Village.

Dumas Beach, Gujarat

Beaches are calling? What if it is calling you for real? It sounds fun until you hear that VOICE! Dumas Beach is located in Surat, Gujarat. It is a renowned place for tourists and one of the most haunted places in India. We all love gazing upon the sun while it sets down, especially when you’re sitting on the beach. But here, you need to be careful, during the daytime it remains beautiful and peaceful but as soon as the sun sets down it becomes a living nightmare. As locals and tourists share their horrifying experience, they heard voices because the place happens to be the haunted cremation and the voices come from the DEAD. People who try to spend the night at the beach either go through some traumatic situations or they never come back. As locals have reported they hear voices screaming, giggling, shouting, crying when no one physically presented as far as you see. In one of the terrifying incidents, a man was found even found dead on the beach and what made it even more suspicious is he had his tongue popping out, which no one could understand or explain.

In the end, I would say, “Don’t listen to what they say, go SEE”

Everything you need to know about Africa

Everything You Need To Know About Africa – Coming behind Asia in terms of being the largest and most populous continent is Africa. At 11.7 million square miles, it covers 6% of the Earth’s total surface area and 20% of its land area. With 1.2 billion people as of 2016, it interprets 16% of the world’s human population. It, based on theories of paleoanthropologists is considered to be the oldest inhabited territory. Fossils discovered in the 20th century proved of human occupation as early as 7 million years ago. The climate in Africa which ranges from tropical to subarctic on its highest peaks have made it the ideal environment to a lot of endangered species.


The continent is bordered by Mediterranean Sea to the north, Isthmus of Suez and Red Sea to the northeast, Indian Ocean to the southeast, and Atlantic Ocean to the west. The median age in Africa is 19 while the worldwide median age is 30.4. Therefore making their average population the youngest among the continents.



Deserts, tropical savanna grasslands, jungles and subarctic climates comprise Africa. The world’s hottest desert – Sahara is located in Northern Africa. 11 countries also are witness to Nile river flowing as the longest in the world. The equator runs through several countries in Africa making it be on both northern temperate and southern temperate.

Ecology and Biodiversity

The density and range of freedom made it the largest and most diverse wild animal population in the world. It is home to carnivorous animals – lions, hyenas, tigers, and herbivores – buffaloes, elephants, and camels to name a few. It is also the natural environment of the largest land animal in the world, the African elephant. It has protected areas including 198 marine areas, 50 biosphere reserves and 80 wetland reserves. It has been highly affected by deforestation wherein the rate of it is twice compared to that happening in the rest of the world. It has also been reported that about 90% of virgin forests in West Africa have been ruined. Biological diversity has been reduced due to the increase of human population and habitat destruction.

Language and Demographics

An estimate of about a thousand languages are spoken in Africa. As a multilingual continent, it is not unusual for individuals to fluently speak not only multiple African languages but European as well. Languages indigenous to Africa are; Afroasiatic, Nilo-Saharan, Niger-Congo, and Khoisan.

Over the years, It’s population has swiftly grown. From 630 million in 1990, it is by 2016 at 1.2 billion. Niger-Congo speakers comprise West Africa people from which ethnic groups like Yoruba, Igbo, Fulani, Akan and Wolof are the most influential. In North Africa, people are from three main indigenous groups; Berbers in the northwest, Egyptians in the northeast and Nilo-Saharan speaking peoples in the east. Decolonization during 1960s to 1970s has resulted to emigration of numerous white settlers. However, they remain minority in many African states.

As sensitive a topic it is for African governments, statistics on religious affiliation are difficult to come by but, according to Brittanica, 45% of the population are Christians, 40% are Muslims, and small number of them are Hindu, Buddhist, Confucianist or Jewish


It is rich in natural resources. 90% of world’s cobalt, 90% of platinum, 50% of gold reserves are believed to be in Africa. However, it remains to be the world’s poorest and underdeveloped continent. This is believed to be brought about by corrupt governments, human right violations, illiteracy, and frequent tribal conflict.